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Oct 13

PoolTalk #3

Comfort is killing

Urban Genetics -

healthy living 2.0

Guest: Enitor Joiner (Article Metropolis)

Location: the roof terrace of The Lisbon Club

Hour: 6PM


Oct 16


Urban Genetics - healthy living 2.0. With breathing workshop by Enitor Joiner

Location: the pool at Porto Brandão. 

Hour: 11AM


Nov 4:

PoolTalk #4

We are nomads again

Regenerative eco villages and communities and presentation of Nomalides project

Guests: Gui Perdrix, Jeremy Agnew, Marc Koehler

Location: The pool at Porto Brandão, or The Lisbon Club in case of bad weather

Hour: 6 PM

Nov 18:

PoolTalk #5

Bio-based futures

The future of bio-based building in Douro Valley and Alentejo

Guests: Catarina Pinto from Terra Palha

Jorge Teixeira from Passiv Haus

Location: the Lisbon Club 

Hour: 6 PM


Nov 30:

PoolTalk #6

Building for bees

Nature inclusive design for healthy cities

Guest: Mario Occio & special guest speaker

Location: the Lisbon Club

Hour: 6 PM


Dec 3:


Workshop permaculture & regenerative farming and beekeeping on site

Location: Quinta do Meco or Porto Brandão

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